You've probably been wondering who this label was created by, how it was created & when it was spoken into existence. I'm Sarafina Ashley, but my friends know me as Ash; my parents know me as Sarafina and you probably know me as Annifaras (which is actually Sarafina spelled backwards) I've loved clothes & designing clothes since I was 6 years old. I never had the 'push' or 'motivation' to actually speak my dreams into creation until June of 2015 when I finally recovered from my 3 month long illness. I was immobile for a month unable to do anything without assistance & when I finally recovered guess what? Life had even more BS waiting to be thrown at my face. After missing out on 3 months of life, I lost my job at my favorite clothing store, was half a year behind in school and broke as hell. I was actually screwed. I was depressed, had nothing to live or strive for my entire life was upside down! One night, my mom brought me a book of all the poorly drawn designs I had sketched when I was younger & that inspired me. I then got a fresh sheet of paper, busted my pen out & sketched the 'ANNI' co-ord set. I had no idea how I'd make my creation come to life but I did my research, made dozens of phone calls and emails until I figured it out, and three months later I got tags with my name (ANNIFARAS) on it, sewn into the back of my clothes. I mean, look at what God do?